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About the MP3s

The MP3s are set to either Theta or Delta brainwave frequency, depending upon the topic, to go deep into subconscious patterning for full release/activation.

The MP3​s contain divine protection and are infused with essential oils, crystals, and energy that support the topic of the MP3... Read more


I purchased Chameice's program and it is amazing! I loved the MP3s; I can feel the energy flowing through and into me, the meditations and clearings are really amazing (felt the effect after listening to it). After listening my day would become easier and things will flow smoother through the day especially in my work.

Rabab Alrakaf

During the group call Chameice showed how quickly she can clear blocks to moving forward but I did not think it would be as quick for me. That could not be further from the truth I left our session feeling the best I’ve felt in years and continue to do so. I strongly recommend you work with her for the results you truly deserve.

Sue Stephenson

Your meditations are very powerful. I listen to them all the time and can truly feel the vibrations of Peace, Unconditional Love and Joy marinating my energies. Most recently, your Lion's Gate meditation had a profound effect on me. I'd been feeling as though my soul and spirit were ensnared within a tangle of thorns. As you guided us through the meditation, I felt angels lovingly untangling and setting me free and all of the heaviness uncoiling and falling away. So much freedom and space was opened up, and I knew that I could move forward and create the life I truly desire. I am expanding and seeing positive results which are growing exponentially. I have actualized the ideal home for me and my son and just manifested funds for the first two month's rent! As I continue utilizing your material, my confidence and ease in realizing the life I have desired for so long continues to unfold in the most amazing ways. I am eternally grateful.

Maureen Damery